Newsletter C-Pack – Let’s Create: CDP Supplier Engagement Rating

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We are very proud to announce that C-Pack was given an A- in the Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) 2020. The SER assesses performance in governance, goals, scope 3 emissions and value chain engagement in the #CDP Climate Change questionnaire. This result places us among the best performing companies in the SER indicators and motivates us to seek even better results in the coming years!

The importance of the CDP Supply Chain report: The Transformation Transparency – A Chain Reaction report, analyzed data from more than 8,000 supplier companies that reported to their customers through CDP in 2020, and identified a total of US$ 120 billions in cost increases expected over the next five years due to environmental risks caused by climate change, deforestation and water-related impacts. We only make a difference when we commit to a cause and mobilize an entire structure with the same objectives, with the same determination. This is our commitment to our customers, the communities where we operate and the planet.

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