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C-Pack prepares new capacity expansion cycle

By 22 de February de 2022 No Comments

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed numerous challenges for all sectors of the economy. Due to government imposed sanitary restrictions, industry production was severely debilitated and negatively impacted by the lack of raw material throughout 2021.

C-Pack Creative Packaging, a leading company in Latin America in the production of plastic tubes, did not go unscathed owing to the shortage of resins and cardboard boxes for packaging products.

Hernane Henrique, commercial and marketing director at C-Pack, emphasizes that the support and creativity of customers, suppliers and partners have been essential for the packaging manufacturer to resiliently overcome these difficulties.

For the executive, the biggest takeaway from the pandemic was that the company could never stop investing in the market’s potential, believing that everything would normalize at some point. “It’s been a very difficult time for everyone… at home, at work, a mix of uncertainties in both personal and professional life, in the market, and in potential next steps. So, despite all this, we’ve sensed a great confidence from our team”, he reports.

Hernane says that the company is now preparing an important capacity expansion cycle for 2022, mainly with the initiation of the second production line for plastic tubes with Flex Technology. This is unprecedented in the market with exclusive resources that allow the use of high-resolution images through flexography, metallic finish, as well as excellent results in enhanced color and shine. All this while maintaining the tubes’ sustainability and recyclability, which can also be combined with PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastics or resins from renewable sources.

He also adds that the manufacturer is investing in new molds with diameters of 50mm and 30mm. “We also acquired two injection molding machines with artificial intelligence that will make a significant difference in the execution of our projects, mainly handling the increased capacity of these upcoming molds. C-Pack’s total investment in this new equipment is approximately 30 million reais, which will have a very positive impact on 2022”, states the executive.


C-Pack’s 32-thousand m² plant in São José (SC) was designed to be the most sustainable in Latin America in the production of plastic tubes in environmental terms. Currently, the company is taking another step in its culture of preservation by adhering to the adoption and promotion of the United Nations Global Compact’s “Ten Universally Accepted Principles” to mobilize the business community in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

Another achievement in the environmental area highlighted by Hernane in 2021 was the Life Certification, granted by the LIFE Institute – Lasting Initiative for Earth, which recognizes the effectiveness of the environmental management system and distinguishes organizations that include a voluntary agenda in favor of biodiversity conservation. “It is very challenging for companies to obtain this certificate, so there are very few in the market. This demonstrates C-Pack’s concern for the environment”, he attests.

Hernane adds that C-Pack is preparing its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report to convey compliance in all aspects of environment, governance, and sustainability. This has raised the company’s awareness of new opportunities, as well as offered solutions to customers and consumers, always considering the positive impacts that businesses can bring to the planet.

Conversely, C-Pack’s director says that the company remains attentive to the price fluctuations of raw materials, especially resins that continue to suffer variations.

According to Hernane, the possibility of shortages is ruled out for now, as the company has been constantly monitoring suppliers, especially local ones. “With the drop in the consumer confidence index at the end of 2021, influenced by inflation and difficulty in accessing credit, we still have an uncertain scenario in the consumption forecasts for the beginning of 2022. Our challenge will be to balance the portfolio with the best offers according to the demands of our customers and consumers in the days ahead, providing various options that meet these needs”, concludes Hernane.

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